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Web Design

Hostashoot is a project started by a Vancouver entrepreneur as an agency to represent residential/ commercial spaces host and rent out these spaces for filming productions.


YuuXDesign was tasked to design a new, modern and above all responsive website for Hostashoot. The main goal was to present current and completed creative spaces impressively to potential clients in order to underline their own competence. The modern website starts with a clean and modern vibe in which the most important projects are presented. The bright and airy colour accentuates the content back and puts the images in the foreground.


Simple, modern, minimalist and also feminist is what we wanted to portray thanks to our founder's image.

Show, not tell, is our philosophy and we presented many compelling pictures to draw audience in and to give them the sense of our brand.

How it works

To explain the process of setting up the studio spaces, we list our each step clearly and with pictures that fully convey the process from consulting, transforming, listing the space and earning money for production.

Throughout all steps, at any time there is a call to action button encouraging any interested space owners to contact us and start the process and transform their space for filming production.

About Page

The About Us page is one of the most important pages on our customer's website. It is an opportunity where their visitors get to know the company and the person behind it.

To convey a sense of trust and professionalism, I wanted to showcase the business owner's bio with a professional high quality image.

Right below, I put in the Things I love section to tell a bit more about her hobbies and passions to show her personality and make her more relatable.

Venue Listing Page

Listed spaces are to be shown in a space library page with bright clean images, are what I want to display and show the uniqueness of each location space to draw in audience, at the same time showing great testimonials from clients to give to the credibility of the agency.

By strategically placing website testimonials on this page, as well as on the main page, we can show visitors that we are worthy of their trust.


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